Mlle flamboyant Of February "Février":The Innocent Pin-Up Girl

Miss Flamboyant Of The Month
February 12'
Amanda Seyfried
The Innocent Pin-Up Girl

Amanda Seyfried started her career at a very young age, as a child model, and soon  found herself  in roles such as soap operas "All My Children" and "As The World Turn".

Soon  Amanda Seyfried graced us with her first theatrical film "Mean Girls. I first stumble upon Amanda Seyfried in "Mean Girls" and to be quite honest I was not fond of her, I really did not even notice her.  "Dear John" & "Jennifer Body" & "Red Riding Hood" These films to me where pretty horrible, I call them "cliché movies" mostly typical stories that has no substance.
Until I saw Ms. Seyfried in "Chloe" & "Alpha Dogs" &"Law In Order: Special Victims Unit" & "House".  She does drama very well, it goes with her innocent personality wonderfully.

Amanda Seyfried is quite a beauty. At first I consider her as a girl -next door look, but once you look at her again, she is much more than that. I consider her an innocent pin-up girl. Because her face is innocent, but her style, and body type is similar to a pin-up style, I cannot explain it. Amanda Seyfried reminds me a little bit of a Frances Rafferty.

Ms .Seyfried is Miss Flamboyant Of The Month because she has so much potential. She is glamorous without words. She's a natural beauty, with a little twist of sexy, and an amazing actress. Amanda Seyfried is going to be very big in the near future. I love her style.  Ms. Seyfried is Miss Flamboyant because she is what every women wants to be!
Flamboyant woman make the world go around, because they are always one in a million, and someone must keep you entertained and Amanda Seyfried will keep on doing that!

Flamboyant est glamour et scandaleux
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Nailah D'arcy 


Mlle Flamboyant By Nailah D'arcy