Mlle Flamboyant Of July: Miss Cutesy

Mlle Flamboyant 
Of July'12
Miss Cutesy
~Goldie Hawn~
I just adore Goldie Hawn, she's so adorable, and just so cute, that you would have to be insane to dislike her; Every movie Goldie hawn stars in she steals the show, with either her cutesy personality , or an over the top diva personality, innocent personality, or even that annoying personality lol.

Goldie Hawn is an ageless beauty, and has graced us in many great comedies such as "Private Benjamin", "HouseSitter", "The Out-of-Towners" and my all time two favorites " Death Becomes Her", and "the First Wives Club".

Her movies are always priceless; Miss Hawn exuberant personalty is so fascinating to watch! her personality is o bubbly that you can't help, but smile when you see her on screen. It's not just her acting that so impressive, Goldie Hawn seems so down to earth, and just an all around cool person to be around; The cool cheerleader type lol..... 

It's almost a shame I haven't named Goldie Hawn Mlle Flamboyant yet. She's so glamorous! shame on me!

Flamboyant woman make the world go around, because they are always one in a million, and someone must keep you entertained, and Goldie Hawn will keep on doing that! Flamboyant est glamour et scandaleux

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 


Mlle Flamboyant By Nailah D'arcy