Mlle Flamboyant: Miss. Kick-Ass

Mlle Flamboyant 
Of September '12
Miss. Kick Ass 
~Lucy Liu~
Don't we all love a women who can be rough, and tough, and still look totally hott doing it?
Well, I guess what? 
I've found the perfect women for this position!
Gorgeous at 43? Is she serious? Lucy Liu has not aged at all. 
Am pretty sure this time I can say this women does not look like she ever had worked done ( hint* plastic surgery), of course I'm not 100 percent sure, but I seriously doubt she has. 
Lucy Lui graced us with her feisty personality on the the "Ally Mcbeal" show, although I never watch this show; I'm pretty sure she added pizzazz to the show, which landed Lucy becoming a permanent cast member; 
Nevertheless, Lucy Lui landed many starring, & guest roles in series afterwards, that spiced up her resume as a villian, or a very passionate women.

Lucy Lui was no stranger to films, she has graced us in many kick-ass films; such as "Kill Bill" & "Charlie's Angels"and many more films.
Outside of acting Lucy Lui continues her love for Art, with art gallery shows; in 2006, & 2008 she donated her share of the profits too UNICEF. In 2007 Lucy also produced "Traffic" a MTV documentary, about human trafficking in Asia. Lucy Lui still continues to help others through activism.

I love a women with a attitude, well in this case a sophisticated attitude, and Lucy Lui has just that; she wasn't named the top 100 movie stars for no reason. Lucy Lui Is Mlle Flamboyant because she has a sassy, & sophisticated look, great actress, and someone who clearly loves helping people!

Flamboyant woman make the world go around, because they are always one in a million, and someone must keep you entertained, and Lucy Lui will keep on entertaining us! Flamboyant est glamour et scandaleux

Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 


Mlle Flamboyant By Nailah D'arcy