Mlle Flamboyant: Miss. Hottest Host

Mlle Flamboyant 
Of December '12
Hail To The Hottest Host
Padma Lakshmi
Emmy award winning television show "Top Chef" is quite fascinating to watch. Through the hustle, and bustle from the contestants desperately trying to make a name for themselves.To be named Top Chef. 
But, yet your always looking for the beautifully graceful Padma Lakshmi. Before Top Chef, and many other television appearances. this beauty made a name for herself as supermodel.

Padma Lakshmi, is well-educated, a polyglot( a person who can speak over four, or more languages), author, and oh yeah did I mention she's also a supermodel ( I think I did) 

Miss Lakshmi also makes many guest appearances on various television series shows. This beauty is not afraid to shown skin either; posing nude for allure, and many sexy photos displayed.... 
Padma Laskshmi is gracefully, and very easy on the eyes.
I had to name Padma Mlle Flamboyant. I'm a huge "Top Chef" fan. 
And, she quite rememberable. Even if she doesn't say much. Her grace brings fresh air, too a hot, & heated competition    

Flamboyant woman make the world go around, because they are always one in a million, and someone must keep you entertained, and Padma Lakshmi will keep on entertaining us! Flamboyant est glamour et scandaleux
Amour Toujours 

Nailah D'arcy 
Happy Holidays 


Mlle Flamboyant By Nailah D'arcy